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When the outside becomes
treacherous, a solid roof is your first line of defense against the elements.
You can imagine how disheartening it is when the protective covering of your
home starts to change in appearance—a clear indicator that your roof is feeling the impact of inclement
weather over time. Water is among the most common causes of aging in a roof,
leaving unsightly moisture stains that threaten to compromise the security of
your house if left untreated. Consider the color of water stains and extent of
damage when coming up with a solution for your roof.

Black or Green Roof Stains

Black or green water stains on your roof indicate growing
organisms, such as algae or moss. The presence of constant moisture and
sunlight makes for a delicious and cozy harvesting area for such microscopic
tenants. They can lock in unwanted dampness or invite other, larger creatures
to wreak havoc on the top of your house. Power-spraying or scrubbing the
problem on your own is possible, but likely to cause further, irreparable

White or Yellow Roof Stains

White or yellow discoloration on your roof suggests
hard-water buildup from an air conditioner or evaporative cooler. This type of
staining often occurs on lower areas roof beneath cooling units and sticks out
like a sore thumb. Similar to algae-type staining, attempting to scrub or
power-wash will probably make things worse. Rather, you can try fading the
damage with a vinegar solution, which works to gradually dull mild stains
without risk to the plants or animals around your home. Be careful of any
harsher home remedies, as they can become dangerous if mishandled.

When in doubt, professional roofing companies are better equipped to eradicate roofing stains with special chemicals, sealers or new repellent shingles when necessary. Expert solutions work quicker and last longer, saving you the hazardous trip up the ladder. Call Andrew’s Roofing at 757-296-2897 or use our contact page for more information.

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